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An award-winning journalist and a prolific writer, Tony Seton not only writes his own books, but he also writes, edits, publishes, and distributes books for clients. Some of his clients arrive with a manuscript; others begin with just a desire to tell their story, which they do through interviews. Below are some of the more than fifty books and videos produced by Seton Publishing since 2010. If you are interested in our producing your book or video, please contact us.

These works are available through bookstores worldwide and from Amazon, in paper and Kindle, except for those which were produced exclusively for private distribution.

Recent books by Tony Seton

In most jurisdictions in California, if the police get a call about domestic violence, someone is going to be arrested. Even if no one is injured. Even if the caller tells the deputy that any contact was purely accidental. Even if the caller was lying. The deputies thinks it's the law. It isn't. It's why many innocent people are jailed, subject to exorbitant bond costs. Families are destroyed, reputations are ruined. This book reports the gruesome details, and reflects on what changes are needed to make our system more just. (Coming in April)

In Volume IX of The Francie LeVillard Mysteries, the world's finest consulting detective since Sherlock Holmes explores four very different cases: In The Storage Locker, her friend overhears a strange conversation in a neighboring storage unit that could be criminal. In Fixing Poor Grades, the body of a local college professor is found floating in Lake El Estero. Unjustice is about a man unfairly arrested who comes to Francie to see about the system being changed. And in The Dream, a friend who doesn’t believe in past lives has an experience that seems to defy explanation.
Dustin Propper was in a slow downward spiral when he had a couple of curious coincidences. People came into his life and moved him in a strange – for him – new direction. It all led, after a long trek into the Himalayas, to Mokki’s Peak, where he saw a bird fly backwards...and himself move forward.

Twelve alien spaceships took up positions over the United States. It was a silent alarm. Then, unbeknownst to the rest of the country, four every-day Americans were beamed up to meet with the alien commander and his deputy. They learned the frightening truth about what was going to happen to the Earth was a very big if. In fact, ifs don’t get any bigger.

The exciting eighth volume of The Francie LeVillard Mysteries features three interesting new stories. One is drawn from the terrifying early days of the Third Reich when Sherlock Holmes worked with Francie's great-grandfather of the Deuxième Bureau. A second story is about a client who goes rogue to bring justice against four people she holds responsible for her brother's death. And in the third story, Francie recounts her early days as a political reporter at a television station in New York.
Devon Ross was a television news reporter at the top-rated station in the number one market. One frigid winter morning he was sent out to LaGuardia Airport where the police were pulling a "floater" out of Flushing Bay. No, not one floater; the one was chained to another body. The two were victims of the violent drug war that had long plagued New York. It was the beginning of a trail that led through more killings and serious personal challenges to a life-threatening climax. Coming in July.
When Candace Brinkman arrived at the party convention in Denver, it was with more than enough votes to deliver the nomination. Plus, she had the money and the machine – and a ten-point lead in the polls – to win the general election and send her to the White House. But then Life intervened, and suddenly the trademark control that had gotten her this far began to crack. Could this be the story of you-know-who?

I was lying on my bed when suddenly the doorbell rang. Maybe it’s the FedEx guy, I wistfully thought, bringing a positive reply to one of the myriad resumes I'd sent out. How was it possible that all those skills and that brilliance could go to waste. Brilliant? Uh-huh. I was half-way down the staircase when I realized that there was no doorbell in the house. But that didn't stop me from looking to see who had rung it. This short book, entitled "Dead as a Doorbell," was written in '89 and is an important dialogue Tony Seton had... with himself.

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most important fictional characters in all of literature the world around. A member of a Sherlockian society for the past 30 years, Tony Seton has contributed numerous papers to their bi-monthly black tie dinner meetings. The "Musings on Sherlock Holmes" consist of six essays and a play, all but one of which were delivered/performed before the Diogenes Club of Carmel-by-the-Sea. 
Anyone who has worked in radio will recognize the people in this story. Radio is a strange animal in that it attracts people who are weird but figure that they can hide out behind their voices. "No Soap, Radio" is a new novel by veteran broadcaster Tony Seton that looks behind the curtain of radio to give the reader unfamiliar with truth about this important medium, a sense of what really happens at some radio stations.
The long-awaited seventh volume of The Francie LeVillard Mysteries is now available. Featuring a wide range of cases from the abduction of a stolen albino ball python to a scurrilous campaign to unseat the sheriff, an evil sponsor of terrorists to a divorcee plagued by someone who is playing "pranks" on her in her own house, this latest book illuminates the ever-brilliant Yankee Point detective making life better for the good people at the expense of those wearing the black hats..
  A serious journalist, Cody Howard was bounced from his network reporting job. He wound up in Monterey at a station where news was not very important. But then he stumbled upon a big story of prison corruption. Lucky for him, he had made new friends including Roy Deki, a spiritual Japanese man who lived next door, and Francie LeVillard, the finest consulting detective since Sherlock Holmes. Together, they untangle a curious web of that reveals some very important truths. Deki-san, Tony Seton's latest novel, is now available in paperback.

Photographer David Thoreau was casually shooting the foliage above Paradise Pond when he saw out of the corner of his eye a flash of color, an artful form, and a compelling face. It was math instructor Lauren Stacy. She saw that there was something special about him that completely hijacked her attention. That was the beginning of an extraordinary romance in Tony Seton's novel, Paradise Pond.

Volume Six of The Francie LeVillard Mysteries features four new cases pitting the world's finest consulting detective since Sherlock Holmes against a nefarious real estate agent, a newspaper owner with an outsized ego, a radio talk show host without scruples, and a shrink cheating on her patients.

This is the first collection of the miscellaneous works of Tony Seton. Selected Writings include short stories, novellas, various bits, and a book review. All except for the book review are fiction. There is some delicious romance and light humor, smart politics and deep feelings, smart pitching, and unreality television.


Jennifer, a screenplay by Tony Seton. Jennifer Aaron was a social studies teacher from sleepy Santa Morino, California. Suddenly she found herself putting her life on the line for her country. She never thought that she’d be in danger. But that was because she didn’t realize that politics in Our Nation’s Capital – even in the Oval Office itself – can be a deadly game.

Trinidad Head is a novel by Tony Seton. Phillip Hewes left a good teaching job in a wealthy area on the Maryland Eastern Shore because it was too comfortable. He accepted a position teaching English Lit at Lassen Community College in Redding at the northern end of the Sacramento Valley. He soon discovered -- first to his considerable dismay and then to his awe-struck delight -- that the real reason he had crossed the country had little to do with teaching college students.
The first five volumes of The Francie LeVillard Mysteries by Tony Seton

More books by Tony Seton

Just Imagine...
a man dies, but only for a split second, and then he returns to life on Earth with a vital and terribly exciting secret he needs to share with the whole planet.

An exciting novel about an evil woman and her boyfriend who try to kill her ex-husband through stress. It sure seems like a case of

The Autobiography of John Dough, Gigolo
is the story of a hedge fund manager who quits making money to help 5 very special women make better lives for themselves.

Truth Be Told
is a novelized version of a true story about an historic civil rights case of sexual harassment against a top-50 American law school.

Silver Lining is a compelling, dear, engaging, important, heart-warming story of romance, politics, media and guns, torn from today's news headlines.

The Omega Crystal
is about an exciting solar discovery that the oil industry is sitting on. A news guy, a "spook" and luck come together to reveal it.

Right Car, Right Price
is a quick and easy guide to finding and buying the car or truck that best suits your individual needs.

Revised Edition
The updated version of The Quality Interview / Getting It Right on Both Sides of the Mic is now out in both paper and electronic formats.

Don't Mess with the Press / How to Write, Produce, and Report Quality Television News
is a how-to guide to producing the finest in broadcast journalism
Award-winning videos by Tony Seton

Divorce -- Collaborative Style
is a half-hour public television report by Tony Seton on the how to dissolve a marriage with more integrity, for much less money, and in much less time.
Mother Nurture is a half-hour video by Tony Seton that explores significant changes in child-rearing.  Mother Nurture is for everyone who is a parent, or thinking of becoming one.
The Power of the I AM
by Dan Shafer is a breakthrough in self-awareness, and puts the power of meditation within reach of millions of people. (View trailer)
Books edited & published by Seton Publishing

The fascinating life story of Sam "The Morning Man" Salerno. He met and inter-viewed celebrities and top sports figures galore, in Las Vegas and on the links on the  Monterey Peninsula. (Coming in May)

Terry Moran's first book...a delicious compilation of eleven Stories for Starving Romantics. Great bedtime reading to put a smile in your dreams.
(Coming in April)
The Denny LeVett Story...So Far  is a true account of the amazing life of a boy who grew up in Iowa and later became a pilot, a world-renown gun collector, a sports car racer, a real estate magnate... (Coming soon)

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Hamilton, and a little girl named Egberta. They were the best of friends. They loved to travel, and Hamilton and Egberta had amazing adventures. A score are told in this book.

A Dog's Tale
by Ron Wormser...actually it's by Ron and Pepper, his late miniature Schnauzer. A delightful, thoughtful, amusing, poignant, engaging, purposeful story, by two very fine writers.
A Rich & Valued Life  is the story of Martin Needler's more than eight decades on the planet, beginning in Manchester, England shortly before the Germans began bombing his city.
Donald Craghead's The Enchanted Emerald  is an exciting story of a future, sans technology but replete with magic, and with young Michael trying to wrest control from his sister to save all from her evil curses.  Tony Albano's Life Is a Bumpy Road is a cheery collection of stories about his living in New York, his mu-sic, the Mets, fishing, girls, owning a deli, California, and his great love of people and dogs. Police work is not what you see on TV. In the real world, it’s tougher, it’s grittier, and there’s a lot more on the line. Frank DiPaola flew to Los Angeles to maybe become an actor. Instead he became a cop. He also became an actor. He also saved lives.
Pat DuVal escaped the ugli-ness of the Deep South when he went into the Army. Mustering out at Ft. Ord, California, he became the first black deputy in Monterey County, and also followed his dream of singing. Green-Lighting Your Future / How You Can Manifest the Perfect Life explains how to reach higher consciousness. No kidding...No gimmicks, no games. Three Lives of a Warrior  is the powerful memoir of Phil Butler, who spent eight years as a prisoner in North Vietnam and came home to a new life.
Gerard Rose's For I Have Sinned is a new historical novel and  marvelous sequel to his earlier Bless Me Father. His tales are both fact and metaphor, and serve to provide greater under-stand of our own lives..

In this latest historical novel from one of our finest storytellers, Gerard Rose weaves an important tale of courage and purpose, at home and on the battlefield, as he recounts the life of a true western hero.

The Boy Captain is an historical novel about American naval hero Joshua Barney. He was not 16 when he became a ship's the middle of the Atlantic, during a storm.

The Shadow Candidate
is a political thriller by consultant Rich Robinson. Read it before you vote. Tony edited and published the book.

The Early Troubles is a first novel by Australian-born Carmel attorney Gerard Rose. He writes of his Irish roots as the country struggles to be free.

Bless Me Father is Gerard Rose's telling new historical novel about growing up in the mid-20th Century. His mirrors the lives of many people who grew as America did.

Live Better Longer
is a marvelous new work by Dr. Hugh Wilson, a pioneer in age management. It's not about Botox;  it's about true good health...for life.

Red Smith in LA Noir
is a detective novel set in Los Angeles a few years after WWII. The corruption is ugly, the torture is painful, and the romance will touch your heart.

From Terror to Triumph, the true story of Herma Smith Curtis...her survival of the Nazis and her successful new life on the Monterey Peninsula.
Ray Ramos landed at Omaha Beach on D-Day. He fought his way across Europe until Germany surrendered. Then he stayed in the Army through the Cold War, serving in Europe, Asia, and South America. In Hustle Is Heaven, Duncan Matteson writes about his 80 years of life and becoming a major developer, investor, and  leading philanthropist. (This is a private printing)
Vision for a Healthy California
is a road map for the Golden State, written by Bill Monning, the highly-esteemed  member of the California Assembly.
Tony Seton is a communications specialist. A national award-winning journalist, he is also a writer, publisher, public speaker, business and political consultant, and communications specialist. Early in his career as a broadcast journalist, he covered Watergate, six national elections, and five space shots, produced Barbara Walters' news interviews, and won several national awards for his business-economics coverage, all for ABC Network Television News. Later, Tony wrote, produced, directed, and reported two award-winning public television documentaries. He has conducted over 2,500 interviews and syndicated more than 2,200 essays for print and broadcast. Tony has also logged over 500 hours of live news and talk radio. He has taught journalism and media at the college and graduate level, and was an adjunct professor at the Monterey (now Middlebury) Institute for International Studies. Tony is also a private pilot and a photographer.

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