J u s t   I m a g i n e

...it's amazing!


Now you're here, now you're not. And not only that, but where are you? Omigod, it looks a lot a scene from Heaven Can Wait.

You're not dead, are you? That's a tough question. You feel all right. And you're talking with people who look like people, although their white toga-like outfits aren't what you'd normally see on the streets of Monterey.

Well pal, from now on, nothing is normal. You're there, you're heading here...and on a mission!

First step, link up with a charming ex-New Yorker now freelance copywriter for advertising agencies. She doesn't know it but she's gonna be your guide.

Wait 'til you try to explain that to her!

Then what happens when you try to explain it all to the rest of the world is funny, poignant, and purposeful, but mostly very dear.

Yes, yes, yes...but don't forget that there's a time factor here.


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