Silver Lining
is an exciting new novel drawn from today's headlines.

It was the normally quiet late Sunday morning. Then gun shots rang out. Journalist David Skye dove for cover. There were more shots and suddenly a stabbing pain in his leg. He was one of the lucky ones. In the hospital, he met Nurse Lucy Balfour. Their bond was immediate. In the next few days, their relationship grew, there was another shooting, and then opportunity to move the nation forward. human hair wigs



This new novel from the keyboard of award-winning journalist Tony Seton. Like his last novel, Silver Lining is both current and important.

Silver Lining is about too many guns in the hands of the wrong people. The results are tragic. But then out of the horror, possibilities blossom.

Perhaps this time, finally, the American people will decide it's time for action. To bring sanity and safety to our streets. Find out in Silver Lining.


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Tony Seton


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