Right Car, Right Price

Most people would rather have root canal surgery than go to a dealer to buy a car.

But you can turn dread into joy when you learn how to play the car-buying game.

Read the book Right Car, Right Price and you’ll discover how the game is played and how you can win...every time.

I should know. My name is Tony Seton. I wrote Right Car, Right Price after selling cars. I was a top salesman but was disgusted by the fact that to get the most money, one had to play fast and loose with the truth. So I quit and wrote the book.

Whether you’re buying a car or truck, new or used, Right Car, Right Price explains how to find, price and buy the vehicle best suited to your individual transportation needs.

AutoWeek, the industry bible, called Right Car, Right Price "the right stuff."

Take the hassle out of car-buying...get your copy of Right Car, Right Price today.

It takes only an hour to read and the cost is just ten dollars. I even pay the postage.

Imagine the peace of mind you'll have knowing every time you get into your car or truck that you made the right decision

Available on Amazon, or you can send a check for $10 to the address below, and I'll send to you a copy of Right Car, Right Price right away.

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