M A Y H E M 

When Spencer Charing signed his divorce papers, he thought he was finally finished with Athena Pryce. But then she tied in with an artist named Damien Glo who led her back onto the field of battle -- a war between Good and Evil.

What is evil? Is it its own force? A cop I asked -- and he should know -- said it was the flip side of the question, Is there a god? A psychiatrist friend said, No, he didn't think there was a force of evil per se, but there were certainly enough damaged people whom we could justly view as behaving in an evil way.

Of course we want to remember the saying, Love the sinner, hate the sin, but sometimes that gets tough. As in this story entitled, almost benignly, Mayhem where you will meet a person who seems the epitome of evil.

Mayhem is now available in paperback and electronic version.



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